These people have joined our campaign!  

A great big thank you to them.



Geoff and Kristen Abbas

Hillel Bachrach

Kit Baker

Leslee Bassin

Lynn Bassin

Alice Bernstein

Rob Besserer

Suzanne Bocanegra

Diane Borger

Dominique Bousquet

Becky Brauer

Patricia Buckley

Margaret Cam

Christina Campanella

Mallory Catlett

Janet Clancy

Ramona Clifton

Alexandra Cochrane

Efran Delgadillo

Kerry Dempsey

Mark Doskow

Rima Fand

Melissa Gibson and Matt Frey

Yelena Gluzman

Michael Gordon and Julia Wolfe

Kimberly Guzowski

Clay Hapaz

J.P. Carrier/Jony Perez

Lorraine D. Johnson

John Justice

Richard Kimmel

Stefanie Koseff

Aaron Landsman

Jeff and Janine Lavin

Young Jean Lee

Jeremy Lydic

Jody McAuliffe

DJ Mendel

Brian Mertes

Tyler Micoleau

Djamilla Moore

John Oglevee

Minos Papas

Chris Pelham

Daniel Pettrow

Peter Pfaelzer

Mathew Pokoik and Aynsley Vandenbroucke

Nathaniel Read

Laura Roumanos

Kate Scelsa

Scott Shepherd

Bettina Stammen and Bob McGrath

Michelle Stern

Sarah Cameron Sunde

R.J. Taylor

Elizabeth Sharp and Christopher Buckley

Philippa Thompson

Eva von Schweinitz

Kim Whitener

Bora Yoon/Swirl Productions

Danijel Zezelj

Institutional support for BOTANICA

Princess Grace Foundation / USA (Baryshnikov Art Center Residency)

Bel Geddes Design Enhancement Fund

Nancy Quinn Fund

The MAP Fund, a program of Creative Capital supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

LMCC Swing Space

3LD Art & Technology Center creates and supports challenging large-scale art
within a financially sustainable environment. 3LD’s goals are to create viable growth
oriented business models for experimental art production, revitalize the experimental
tradition in New York by improving the working conditions and quality of production,
and foster a community of artists who work cooperatively and aggressively to
address their own barriers. In order to achieve these goals, 3LD creates, re-distributes
and re-imagines resources that drive core cost reduction while increasing capacity
and revenue.

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

New York State Council on the Arts