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Coming home from DJ Mendel’s “Dick Done Broke” last night (glad to finally see it 10 years late) and noticed that there’s a mimosa pudica plant on Smith Street around the corner from our house.  Pointed it out to Amy who was basically flabbergasted that I knew what it is and would be able to recognize it and point it out.  She’s always been the person in our family with the plant knowledge.  I was a complete idiot about plant in general and in a lot of ways I still am.  But mimosa pudica is a pretty special plant and that’s why I know about it.  It folds it’s leaves in half essentially along the leaf’s stem tightly at night.  Or more dramatically, when it’s touched:

As we walked on, her still trying to process the fact that I had just pointed out a plant to her and correctly identified it, and me trying to reassure her that I was still a doofus on that front, I pointed out the croton codiaeum in front of the restaurant next door…

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Working out some kinks on the player showing up in the post itslef, but here’s a quick vid from last Saturday’s window event.


1029 Window



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Plant research pioneer and BOTANICA inspiration Jagadish Chandra Bose started hooking up plants to electrical test equipment in the 1920s.

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