Looky here.

BOTANICA set designer Peter Ksander and our arduino guru Ryan Holsopple both were nominated for Hewes Design Awards for their work on other shows in 2011.   A great big Botanica™ whiskey to both of them and to Peter’s wife, Miranda Hardy who also received a nomination.  If my math is correct that means there’s at least 3 Hewes Awards and 8 Hewes nominations working on BOTANICA right now.  I like math.

Here’s some more math: we finished the work in progress showings having worked our way up to being able to competently care for about 50 live plants.   I just left a meeting were we talked about adding approximately 210 more in the next two weeks not counting a few other surprises that may or may not make it into the space due to budget constraints (go to the Support page now!).

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about the visual world so far but excuse me for saying that we’re really just moving past the sketch stage…

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