BOTANICA explores our complicated and inextricably dependent relationship to plant life, presented as a creepy futuristic black comedy where morals, ethics, and consequences unravel along with the human sense of mastery. Primary sources for Botanica include erotic literary texts by French Surrealists George Bataille and Louis Aragon, the pop-psychology of The Secret Life of Plants (a 1973 book by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird that was made into a controversial documentary film in 1979 by Walon Green), and the ground-breaking scientific inventions and experiments of Jagadish Chandra Bose (1858-1937).

The narrative of BOTANICA tracks the scientific experiments and the developing
relationship between two botanists who are sealed in a research facility — a human
terrarium. They share their habitat with the janitor/plant caretaker, who seems
unremarkable except for his curious habit of reading aloud to the plants late at night
the most salacious sections of books by Bataille and Aragon, along with his own self-
penned blue poetry. Initially the experiments seem to demonstrate an astonishing scope
of plant consciousness, but eventually the botanists hit a dead end. They decide to
bring the janitor into their research. The introduction of this human subject reinvigorates
their investigation but leads to unforeseen consequences and unleashes a flood of
unusual findings that end in chaos as the constraints of science and social norms are

BOTANICA premieres at 3LD Art & Technology Center (80 Greenwich St., New York
City) on February 1, 2012. Check back often for specific performance schedule and
announcements about other ancillary events.

directed by Jim Findlay
written by Jeff Jackson and Jim Findlay
performed by Ilan Bachrach, Liz Sargent, and Chet Mazur;

Rob Besserer • Plant Design
Jim Dawson • Composer
Peter Ksander • Set Design
Jamie McElhinney • Sound Design
Normandy Raven Sherwood • Costume Design
Jeff Sugg • Light/Video Design

Maurina Lioce • Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Josh Higgason • Technical Director
Ryan Holsopple • Plant Interaction Design
Amy Rubin • Assistant Set Design
Doug Daly • Consulting Botanist
Brandon Wolcott • Sound Consultant

Joel Bassin • Producer