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BOTANICA is a creepy futuristic black comedy that examines our complicated and interdependent relationship to plant life. Sealed in a human terrarium, two unorthodox botanists and a caretaker with a penchant for erotic literature unleash a flood of unusual findings and overturn the constraints of science and social norms.



The Year’s Most Galvanizing Moments
–New York Times

“Plants Have Feelings, and Sex Organs, Too”
–New York Times
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“Sex, drugs, and… botany? Plants will never seem the same after Jim Findlay’s BOTANICA, an original, mesmerizing, and disturbing piece of experimental insanity.”

“If you’ve had your fill of tame/lame Broadway shows, are a fan of Sci-Fi, and happen to have dendrophilia, this show is perfect for you.”

“If you’re into what’s probably the most expertly sculpted piece of weirdness in town, then I assure you, BOTANICA‘s got the goods.”

“Much like the contact wires and electrodes that periodically zap the flora in set designer Peter Ksander’s magnificent bio-habitat, writer-director Findlay and his co-writer, Jeff Jackson, use frequent jolts of loony passion, audio feedback, and human-plant sexual interaction to offset the procedural malaise of two botanists running bizarre tests.”

“A multitude of admirable weirdness.”

“If you want to see a dude f*ck a plant, this show’s for you.”

“Pitch-black and skewed humor.”

“Somebody alert Rick Santorum: First, we decadent New Yorkers allowed gay marriage; now there’s an actor on stage here, having sex with plants! We’ve skipped right over the bestiality phase that Santorum, clutching his rosary, promised would fall upon us, and we’ve moved right on to potted ferns as objects of lust. Where will it all end?”
–Lighting and Sound America

“Remember how Jack Nicholson slowly goes crazy in “The Shining”? Picture him surrounded by potted plants instead of snow, and you’ll get the feel of BOTANICA.”
–New York Theatre Review

BOTANICA is most certainly mad…mad fun.”

“A flesh-crawling hothouse atmosphere.”
–Lighting and Sound America

“Not for the shy or prudish.”
–Downtown Express

“Plant eroticism; plant empathy; plant intelligence; plant telepathy. What do these all have in common? You will probably never see a play about them again.”
–New York Theatre Review



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